Laithwaite's Wines

Laithwaite's Wine wanted a new way to drive growth. A new wine club (Taste4) was formed that consists of 4 bottles every 4 weeks to appeal to the younger, time-limited market. Our task was to understand how you get a wine club to appeal to an audience that were rejecting wine clubs as something "my parents do". And the launch was urgent: we had a matter of weeks in which to develop the campaign with a powerful online element.

what we did

We looked carefully at the proposition: delicious wine crafted by independent wine makers, delivered by passionate wine drinkers. "I will always pay slightly more if I can experience wine that tastes better, curated direct from authentic growers" ... "If farmer's markets did wine" .. "Not snobby or too down market but fresh and clean". From these audience insights we developed a new brand look and feel and expressed this in acquisition and also retention material – in-box welcome booklet, wine notes, bottle tag, delivery box outer.

First we created the digital design guidelines for the website – homepage, product page, about us page. And to generate the traffic, we then created the acquisition work – press ads, PR, search and social. The entire campaign was ready to go on time.


The product is now in market with a pilot campaign at Recruitment activity in search and social is targeting customers and introducing the offer. Early signs are promising!