Re-discovering the craft of direct mail

By Lucy Tugby 21/05/2018

WPNC's Chairman John Watson talked today to a group of the UK’s leading mailing houses – and to Sue Whalley, MD of Royal Mail letters - as guest speaker of The Strategic Mailing Partnership at Royal Mail’s Phoenix Centre.

John said, "in a challenging market, it’s time to recognise some of the basics of creating direct mail that really works and start the re-birth of DM".

John showed several examples of very successful mail packs and looked at some of the key reasons why mail often gives a better ROI than TV or digital – even though it can cost significantly more.

At the end, John gave delegates a simple list of 10 things to test…including the idea of writing very long letters!

John Watson’s Direct Mail is a creative service within WPN Chameleon, giving client’s direct access to those traditional direct mail skills. If you’d like a copy of John’s  ’10  Creative Ideas to Improve Mail Response Rates’ drop him an email here.

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