British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) annual fundraising event DECHOX, which encourages donors to sign up to go chocolate-free for a whole month had enjoyed two successful years, hitting average gift and income targets but was starting to see a drop in participants.

Our challenge was to go large in 2018, to attract more sign ups and more income from a younger Gen Z and Millennial audience, whilst staying true to the cheeky feel of the event.

what we did

Sticking with the core promise of DECHOX; that anyone can easily raise money and support the charity without the organisation and planning of a big event, we added an edgy tone to the creative to appeal to a socially conscious younger audience through the message of ‘you v’s chocolate’.  Working in partnership with teams across BHF, DRTV, Radio, display and Facebook ads engaged audiences, inviting donors to give up their cravings and get involved.




2018 was the year DECHOX went large with income breaking the £1m barrier (plus Gift Aid), up 10% year on year and average gifts higher than ever before and the number of cold supporters increased for the first time in 3 years.