The Salvation Army

This 150-year-old brand has never been under more pressure. As welfare spending by central government plummets, more and more people rely on the Salvation Army's services. In response, the organisation had big ambitions; to grow both the numbers of its new donors and the total value of donations. Over a five-year recession when the UK population gave 26% less to charity and a period of scepticism towards charity fundraising ethics and effectiveness.

what we did

Close analysis and tightly controlled testing gave us a far deeper understanding of media channel effectiveness and interdependency. With this knowledge we doubled the spend on TV and then doubled it again peaking in 2015. A larger 'pool' of DRTV ads were created to populate this additional spending. And these were carefully combined with direct mail, radio, door drops and online activity.


Since 2009, over 500,000 new donors were recruited; 242,659 more than projected using the previous approach to recruitment. The active donor base has grown by over 200,000 net. Total donations have increased  by around £1 million every year over the year before. Our Christmas 2015 campaign saw a record £15 million raised in just one month.