A pioneering financial services product had seen Zopa grow quickly. But ambitious future plans and increasing competition combined to create an acute need for large volumes of new borrowers. Current marketing activity couldn't deliver these numbers, so DRTV was considered – despite an earlier unsuccessful attempt and stakeholders consequently sceptical of its potential.  

what we did

We started with audience analysis and matching to channel/station profiles. Next, meticulous planning assessed ROI feasibility and competitor space. But it was going to take more than just another singing banker if we were to stand out in the right way for our audience of savvy borrowers.

Deep diving research revealed that Zopa credit customers are sensible borrowers; they have a specific goal in mind and no qualms about borrowing money. They are sensible, savvy people not easily taken in by advertising gimmicks.

So our team decided to contrast 'being sensible' with 'nonsense'. And made the connection to the work of comedian Stanley Unwin who was famous for speaking 'Unwinese', an invented babble which sounds nonsensical, but then clarifies into very straightforward messages. Thus Professor Zopa was born, spouting sixty seconds of 'nonsense' that was actually a very sensible product


The result? Since the July test, the DRTV has generated over 11,000 new applications in 2015 at a CPA within the best CPA Index. And the campaign was a finalist for Direct And Promotional Strategy Of The Year at the Drum Awards 2016.

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